Remaned was created in 2007 with the aim of bringing innovative business concepts to the automotive industry that provide added value to the existing options on the market.

Our first line of business was the Remanufacturing of diesel components and thanks to the competitiveness of our products we achieved market shares that were unthinkable to reach in the past. This contributed to being able to count today on a much more open, competitive and, above all, much less polluting market.The use of our products contributes to the reduction of polluting gases thanks to two fundamental reasons, the production process and the adjustment of our products that allows their performance to be perfect and therefore, to reduce exhaust gases when mounted on the engine. . On the other hand, the remanufacturing concept avoids the disposal of many components made of various materials that are in perfect conditions for use. As an example, with each injector that is mounted on an engine instead of a new one, we manage to prevent 95kg of CO2 from reaching the atmosphere. 

 Can you imagine all the pollution that we can avoid in the long term?